S&B Utilities with strategic design partner Sweco secure place on Yorkshire Water £300m Minor MEICA Framework

Knaresborough-based engineering company, S&B Utilities, in collaboration with its strategic design partner, Sweco, has recently been appointed to Yorkshire Water’s Minor MEICA Framework.

Worth up to an estimated £300million over an anticipated eight-year period, and working alongside seven other delivery partners, S&B Utilities will deliver planned projects within the Yorkshire region across operational areas on both clean and wastewater assets.

Darren Swales, Managing Director at S&B Utilities, described the award as: “after celebrating our 40th anniversary last year this award is an exceptional opportunity to plan for the future, to provide employee job security, to deliver on our business growth plan and to provide a platform to technically develop our employees”

“Following on from the client theme of ‘family focused delivery’ we at S & B Utilities  believe that this working arrangement can be the launch pad for our own ‘next generation’ of water industry professionals and will see us deliver across the framework client aspirations within a truly collaborative and sharing culture”

“We are delighted to continue our strategic partnership with Sweco on this Framework, leveraging its expertise in design, engineering and environmental consultancy services to ensure that every project is delivered to the highest levels of quality.”

Keith Swales (CEO)continued: “working within the water industry for over 25 years we have developed our business to deliver for our clients safe, resilient and quality assets,  many employees have grown within this family centric  business, and it is their hard work and perseverance that has ensured our success in being awarded this minor MEICA framework”.

Mark Baker, head of programme delivery at Yorkshire Water, said: “We welcome our MEICA Partners to support our ambitions and challenges into AMP7. The MEICA Framework Partners will join our Civils Partners and Yorkshire Water in developing our Enterprise Delivery Model. Through this new model, we’re looking to form a collaborative, innovative and efficient delivery vehicle with a focus on engineering excellence and our carbon targets, utilising a Programme First approach. We are confident that this will ensure we achieve our challenges going into AMP7.”