Praise for Apperley Bridge

Collaborative Working

The following email was sent to some of the Senior Managers within Yorkshire Water.

This was a connection that had to be meticulously planned in conjunction with YW opps more so this time as Greengates Pumping Station already had problems in that only one of the 2 pumps was working. Our site staff and YW operatives could see during the planned shut down by working in collaboration there was an opportunity to carry-out maintenance on the faulty pump. Planning and input from all quarters on site went into motion and a sequence of works was programmed and carried out jointly on site by our partners Barhale / SBU and the YW operatives lead by Lewis Hayton, Scott Devenney. This saved YW allot of money estimated at approx £10’000 for a separate shut down and tanker operation and eliminated a risk that Greengates PS had been carrying, The SPS was manned continuous for 36 hours.

I would like this to be a example of collaborative working making it common practice in future works that we at least ask the question as regards any pressing maintenance works that we might be able to plan during a planned shut down,

Thanks to all concerned
Bob McGown
Yorkshire Water