EN 1090 Standard Awarded

I am pleased to announce that S & B Utilities have successfully gained the EN1090 – Execution of steel and aluminium structures and their components.

This has been an extremely hard accreditation to achieve, and now allows us to comply with fabricating structural elements and enabling us to place them on the market place.

This gives us a great edge against our competitors as there aren’t many other companies in the area that have this.

Our fabricators have gone through specific welding training to ensure their welding meets specific standards and again this has all been successfully achieved.

Karen Cocker
Finance Director

What is EN 1090?
The construction industry faced one of its most significant changes in over a decade as CE Marking for structural steelwork became mandatory on 1 July 2014. It applies to all Member States throughout the European Union and the European Economic Area.
CE Marking of structural steelwork (EN 1090) is a declaration by the manufacturer, that the product meets certain public safety requirements. The public safety requirements are a set of Essential Characteristics that each product must satisfy and these characteristics are given in the product’s harmonised standard. The standard that covers CE Marking of structural steelwork is BS EN 1090-1. This standard was published in 2009, and accepted in 2010.