Apperley Road, Bradford

An existing 400mm rising main on a new development site at Apperley Road Bradford passes under the foundation of approx. 40 new houses. Before the houses can be built Yorkshire Water were asked to relocate the main.

YW contracted Barhale to design a diversion and install a new main. SBU were contracted to install approx. 400m of new 500mm main.

The diversion was started on the 9th May and we have completed butt fusing all the new pipe and excavated laid and backfilled 174m of the pipe.

Over the coming weeks the new rising main will be completed inc. constructing two new manholes and a section of 525mm gravity sewer connected to the existing sewer. The new pipe will then be pressure tested to 7 Bar.
Due to the size of the main this will require about 60 cubic meters of water. The site team have come up with a way of utilising the surface water on site to do this saving both time and cost.

When all this is complete we have a difficult connection to do that will involve shutting down a major Yorkshire Water pumping station. This will require both the use of tankers and overpumping and the connection completed in one continuous 24 hour shift. The site team and management have put a robust plan together to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The Team – C/M Will griffin, S/M Jon Maddison, Engineer Damian Woodhouse
Foreman Richard Ibbotson, Operatives Mark Drugan, Alan Lloyd Rees ,
Darren Dunell and Duncan Johnson