SBu is committed to achieving the highest environmental standards in all aspects of our work.

The Company has implemented and maintain a URS certificated Environmental Management System designed to meet and/or exceed the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001: 2004 and committed to:

  • Minimise waste and maximise recycling.
  • Produce environmental, sustainability long-term strategies, which will be regularly monitored and reported.
  • Keeping ourselves aware of and compliant with all current and future legislation.
  • Use water and energy efficiently and avoid pollution in all areas of our operations.
  • Identify environmental risks and implement controls to manage those risks.
  • Ensure our employees, subcontractors and suppliers are aware of this policy, and their responsibilities.

Our people will receive the appropriate levels of training and awareness to ensure that due emphasis is placed on the protection of the environment and site care/cleanliness. This policy is the responsibility of the Directors of S&B Utilities Ltd and is subject to regular reviews and updated as necessary.